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Trainer / Founder

Nikki is an actor, writer, director and camera operator and has worked in the New Zealand screen industry since her debut acting role in Whole of the Moon in 1995. Nikki has won three best actress awards and awards for films she wrote and directed which have screened at international film festivals including Berlinale, Tribeca, Sydney, Melbourne, FIFO, Queerscreen, NZIFF, Hollyshorts, and ImagineNATIVE.

Nikki has a passion for the screen industry and thrives on upskilling and supporting emerging and established screen artists alike. Nikki identified that to be ScreenFit, you need to be constantly working the wheels of the machine to be on top of your game, which is difficult if your have periods in between screen work.

When ex-acting students reached out and requested scene groups to practice their craft, Nikki thought it would be a great opportunity to team up writers and directors to oil their creative cogs at the same time...

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